Customer Feedback, Simplified

With just a few clicks, your customers can help improve website usability and foresee issues before they impact your conversion rates!

Real website feedback. Your customers. Real time.

Simple to install, simple to use.
ResponseMate makes it easy to get useful feedback from your customers, fast. Sign up, install your tracking code (or ask your developer to help!) and let your customers do the rest. Users simply click on the plugin and leave their feedback!
Real-time data for decision making
Users can rate areas of content, usability, design, and quickly alert you there are bugs or issues on your website. The data from these interactions can help decide where you need to focus on!
What does your user really think?
Users can leave written feedback to tell you how they really feel, or explain an issue further. Our PRO version (in development) includes the ability to customise the design of your ResponseMate!
WordPress plugin
We have now released our WordPress plugin, which makes it even easier to install on your website without any technical knowledge.
Visit our plugin page by clicking here

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